Flight delayed?

Posted on 09/24/2019 by admin

Let’s hope it’s at Singapore Changi Airport

The Singapore Changi airport is one of only three 5-star airports. The airport owes its 5-star rating to its clean and orderly facilities, but its the extra amenities that have visitors talking. The airport has a swimming pool, a 24-hour movie theater and gaming center. There are also designated “nap stations” so that jet-lagged fliers can snooze before starting their vacation.

And as if that weren’t enough the airport also features fern, cactus sunflower and orchid gardens, a nature trail, a koi pond and the world’s first airport butterfly garden!

For information on air charter services, so that you can venture to one of these airport hot spots, get in contact with Cirrus Aviation at (702) 472-9714.

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Posted on 09/24/2019 by admin

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