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Cirrus Aviation Services has proudly become the largest private jet management company in Nevada and is one of the top 10 private jet charter airlines in the United States. The Cirrus Aviation team has been managing and operating aircraft – commercially and privately – for more than 40 years. The family-owned business is run by President & CEO Greg Woods and Director of Operations Mark Woods, two brothers who mastered the details and demands of the aviation industry and built the foundation for Cirrus Aviation.

Management & Acquistions Refined

Owning a private jet makes your life more convenient, comfortable and luxurious. It's a complicated and technical endeavor, but your experience can be straight forward and streamlined with the help of a turnkey program from a skilled, vetted and trusted team of experts.

Cirrus Aviation Services is your advocate and partner in the world of private jet travel. We are your flight department who handle the technical details so you can focus on your life, family and business.


Cirrus Aviation will help you research, plan and choose the appropriate aircraft for your unique needs. First we need to understand your travel, so together we can select the right blend of price, performance and long term ownership costs for your needs.

We are aviation experts who know how to remove the uncertainty and risk from your purchase. We survey the market and refine our search based on pedigree, maintenance, installed equipment and price. Then we plan and review long-term ownership costs, make offers, negotiate the purchase agreement and closing terms, while minimizing the tax burden. Our team oversees the pre-purchase inspection process, resolves any discrepancies and coordinates test and closing flights.


Enjoy the ride. Make one call and let our owner services team handle all the details. Your crew and aircraft will be ready for you.

Let Cirrus Aviation manage your entire flight operation. Our team handles the hiring, training and payroll of the crew, using skilled and experienced pilots and maintenance professionals who are familiar with your aircraft.

Pilots are hired and assigned to a primary aircraft. This means you will see familiar crew when you fly your aircraft and that they know your aircraft better than any other aircraft in the fleet.


At each base we have a team of highly trained mechanics who perform all routine services and smaller maintenance inspections at no additional charge.

Our mechanics specialize in our aircraft, know them better than anyone, take pride in them, and treat your aircraft like it’s their own. Our team of experts will source parts, manage records and oversee any outsourced inspections. When the time is right, we will coordinate and plan any needed refurbishments.

Safety & ETHICS

Safety and ethics are the cornerstones of our company and are critical to our success. Cirrus Aviation is proud to hold a Platinum rating for safety by ARGUS International based on in-depth third-party audits and inspections. We teach and promote both safety and ethics to everyone in our organization. We are your partners and we will always do what is safe and in your long term best interests.


The choice is yours. When the plane is not in use, it can sit in the hangar ready to go for your next trip. Otherwise, you can put some or all of that downtime to good use, offsetting your costs by chartering your jet to other parties. It's common for a revenue-sharing charter agreement with Cirrus Aviation to make a private aircraft cash-flow positive over the course of a year. Our team handles the booking and paperwork. You sit back, review the numbers on detailed charter statements and enjoy the results.


As a turnkey operation, Cirrus Aviation's finance department is expertly skilled to handle the paperwork and record-keeping related to your aircraft. This includes budgeting and monthly financial summaries, all done with transparent accounting that removes any mystery from the ongoing operation of your private jet.

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