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May Ranch Avoided Grassland Conversion Project

Grasslands store over one-third of Earth’s carbon, making it crucial to halt their demolition. Half of the grassland carbon reservoirs in the United States have already been destroyed due to agricultural and commercial development, and continue to decrease by over 1 million acres per year. This impact can be devastating as it is estimated an acre of grassland can store as much as 200 tonnes of carbon. Therefore, when these areas are disturbed, 50%-70% of carbon kept in the soil is released as CO2 into the atmosphere.

By ensuring the protection of grasslands, projects similar to this one keep carbon in the biomass where it belongs and provides a naturally sustainable solution against climate change.

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Big Smile Wind Farm at Dempsey Ridge

This project partners with ACCIONA to utilize carbon offsets revenues to help accelerate the development of wind projects. The Big Smile Wind Farm at Dempsey Ridge is located in Beckham and Roger Mills counties, Oklahoma, on over 7,500 acres of agricultural and grazing land. Local landowners are paid for the use of their farming and grazing land to host the turbines.

This project operates as a merchant plant, meaning it was built to serve the spot market. Most wind projects that get built in the US rely on long term power sale contracts. The higher risk profile of the project due to the lack of a long term contract helps establish the additionality of the offsets it is generating.

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Honduras Coffee Growers Clean Water Project

Largely rural, Honduras faces problems shared by many other rural areas in developing countries; low incomes, poor indoor air quality and inadequate access to clean drinking water. A lack of safe drinking water and sanitation results in frequent and sometimes deadly diseases such as diarrhea and outbreaks of cholera. Such illnesses significantly undermine quality of life, economic prosperity, ability to attend school and human progress. To counteract these issues, NativeEnergy is using The Gold Standard’s established carbon reduction protocol to assess, implement, monitor and verify a 10-year long project that will deliver clean water while reducing carbon dioxide emissions. In addition, we will be monitoring progress toward achievement of four UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Learn more about this Native Energy project in the materials below.

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