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Posted on 04/17/2020 by admin

Dear Valued Cirrus Aviation Customer,

We are now around a month into the shelter-at-home guidelines in place across much of America and which are affecting many of you in the Cirrus Aviation community. Understandably, the uncertainty has caused many people to avoid unnecessary travel — however, some must continue to travel for work, health reasons, or for refuge in another region. So, we thought the time was right to share with you a few important updates.

At Your Service
We remain fully operational and fully staffed. However, you will receive our usual Empty Leg emails intermittently as the creation of these is generated by aircraft movement. As you have air travel needs during this time, please reach out to us directly, and we will work to meet your needs.

Keeping You Safe
A major advantage of private aviation, during this time especially, is the small number of people in and around our aircraft and the control that we have over them. You simply are not exposed to as many other people as you would be traveling commercial or by car.

In addition, aircraft are, of course, thoroughly cleaned between flights and are also being treated regularly with Bacoban, an aerospace-grade anti-viral treatment, which protects surfaces from contamination for over a week and is non-irritating. This product is designed to kill bacteria and viruses much stronger than COVID-19. Finally, our aircraft are also stocked with N95 masks and hand sanitizer, in addition to our usual hospitality products.

We’re not aware of any air carrier doing more to protect its passengers.

Availability & Pricing
While the commercial airlines have dramatically cut back flights, we remain able to accommodate your needs anywhere, across the west in particular. And our rates remain unchanged, comparable for private travel what you might otherwise pay for first-class public flights.

We love being an important member of the Las Vegas community, of our American community, and to have the privilege to do the work that we do. We are privileged to serve so many of you. And, as you may know, we take pride in giving back in our philanthropic commitments and donations. So, please know that while tourist aviation is down, our aircraft are not sitting idle; indeed, they are being used to provide critical transportation for medical professionals, or facilitating organ transplants, and more.

With the exception of commercial airlines and the military, we employ more jet pilots, jet aircraft maintenance and support staff than anyone else in Nevada. We are a pillar of this community, a champion of its businesses, and looking forward to helping power its recovery.

In Closing
The last month has brought many changes to each of us, our families, our businesses, and our community. Though we are physically apart, we are more together than ever.

While traveling is the last thing on many peoples’ minds right now, it may be a necessity for you, and those close to you. I hope this update has demonstrated the seriousness with which we view your safety and the value of the service we provide.

Thank you for your patronage, your support, and looking to us as your charter airline of choice.

Should you have any needs or questions, please feel free to reach out to us at, by phone at (702) 448-2366, or to me directly via the details below.

See you onboard, and be well.


Austin Ryan Fuentes
Director of Business Development
Sales: +1 (702) 472-9714

Posted on 04/17/2020 by admin

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