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This is a service provided to our valued clients which consists of consumer only pricing. NO broker fees will be paid. NO 3rd party payments will be accepted. NO 3rd party (broker, travel agent/agency, etc.) bookings will be entertained. Primary passengers identity must match identification and credit card used to book flight.

Prices listed above do not include sales tax/fees. When booking round trips, discounts may be available for all flights. Flights subject to change. All potential flyers subject to vetting. All flights include free onboard snacks, liquor, water, and Wifi if equipped. You may bring your own food and drinks on board including bottles. Smoking, including vaping/e-pens is NOT permitted. You will have full usage of the private jet terminal at departure and arrival. Please make note as private jet terminals are generally separate from standard commercial flight terminals. Please inform your pilot at time of departure if you will need taxi/limo transportation upon your arrival.

Q: What is an "empty leg"?
A: Jets cost a lot to move thus we do not fly them unless they are chartered. This means that an "empty leg" occurs when flying to pick up a client or flying back after a client has reached their destination. During those flights the cabin is empty. Because these are chartered private aircraft clients often do not book them until a few days prior to flying which means the empty leg list changes several times daily.Q: I know my preferred travel dates can I pre-plan?
Q: I know my preferred travel dates can I pre-plan?
A: Yes, if you contact me my team can make a note of what departure and arrival airports you prefer as well as a date range and alert you if a flight becomes available.
Q: So you are like JetSuiteX and similar?
A: NO - It is important to remember that our aircraft are true completely private jet aircraft carrying 4 persons to 12 persons so as not to cross-compare to other companies. The JetSuiteX (and similar airlines) experience is that of an economy flight, small seats, moderate leg room, etc.. All of our flights include free onboard liquor and snacks, nearly all of our aircraft have free Wifi onboard. There is no TSA liquid/food restrictions for what you can bring onboard, no TSA lines, full usage of the private jet terminal, a true private jet experience. Champagne, wine and specific catered foods can be requested as well at booking for an additional fee. Lastly, not anyone can simply buy a seat on our aircraft due to the fact of whom we fly daily, whom may be in the private terminal, and the high value of our aircraft and interiors.
Q: What if I want to charter an entire jet on a route not listed?

A: Contact us! Let us know where you would like to travel, and we can make you first on our list when a flight becomes available to your desired destination. For charter and booking questions, please contact 702-472-9714 or Austin.Fuentes@CirrusAV.com.

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