How to Get Over Fear of Flying

Posted on 09/24/2019 by admin

Aviophobia, or fear of flying, is a common concern for many people. In addition to preventing you from traveling, it can impact your career and business prospects. At Cirrus Aviation, our goal is to make taking a private jet in Las Vegas the most pleasant experience possible. With over 40 years as aviation experts, we have built a reputation around providing both safety and comfort.

Highly trained pilots, well maintained planes, and exacting safety standards should all provide reassurance. However, we understand that for passengers with phobias, even this may not be enough to calm your fears. To help make your flight experience less stressful and more relaxing, we recommend the following tips.

Preparing for Your Flight

If you suffer from a fear of flying, your anxiety levels are likely to begin soaring before you even step on the plane. Smarter Travel advises taking the following steps to prepare:

  • Know what to expect: Familiarize yourself with the airport, the plane you will be taking and the number of passengers onboard. Print out your itinerary so you can refer to it often.
  • Avoid preflight hassles: Get to the airport in plenty of time, have your luggage properly packed and labeled, and keep your boarding pass or other identification handy.  
  • Stay calm: Use guided meditations, affirmations, or other helpful tools to keep your mind steady and your heart rate in check.
  • Meet the flight crew: Customized, personal service is one of the many benefits of charter flight travel. Our pilots and flight staff are friendly and always available to meet with you and provide personal reassurance before each trip.

Positive thoughts help to keep irrational fears at bay. When taking a private jet in Las Vegas with Cirrus Aviation, remind yourself of all the safe and successful charters our company completes each year.

Calming Your Fears While Traveling on a Private Jet in Las Vegas

Showing up at the airport and getting on board a flight without going into a panic is a major accomplishment for people with aviophobia. Give yourself a pat on the back! Once in your seat and getting ready for takeoff, the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (AADA) recommends following these tips to avoid letting fear ruin your trip:

  • Keep the facts in mind: If your anxious mind starts obsessing over possible dangers, remind yourself how taking a private jet in Las Vegas is one of the safest forms of travel.
  • Be ready for triggers: if you have a fear of flying, noises and turbulence are likely triggers. Remind yourself that these things are normal and nothing to fear.
  • Keep yourself occupied: Bring a good book, an eye mask for sleeping, or arrange for in-flight services to help pass the time.

Reach Out to Us Today

At Cirrus Aviation, we make flying comfortable, safe, and convenient. For people with aviophobia, our charter flights can help you overcome your fears. Call or contact us online to discuss your options in booking a private jet in Las Vegas today.

Posted on 09/24/2019 by admin

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