How Private Jets Save Time

Posted on 09/03/2019 by admin

Luxury, comfort, efficiency. There are many reasons to fly by private jet.

How Private Jets Save Time

By Rob Kachelriess

Luxury, comfort, efficiency. There are many reasons to fly by private jet. But the top reason is often summed up in a single word: time. Whether traveling for a family vacation or a high-stakes business meeting, well-versed travelers don’t want to waste time or energy reaching their destination. Private jets are the best resource for saving time when flying. Here’s why.


A private jet charter can be booked months in advance or spontaneously the same day. No need to worry about sold-out flights or coordinating plans with an airline’s flight schedule. Cirrus Aviation Services often has passengers “wheels up” within two hours or less of making the first phone call. If all Cirrus Aviation jets are booked, a safe and reliable alternative can be secured through a network of trusted partners.

Minimal Delays

Every minute is precious. That’s why it’s so frustrating to cope with long lines, TSA security checks, and delays that come with large commercial airports. Private jet charters typically operate from smaller airports and terminals with flights that leave on your schedule — not the other way around. No intrusive security lines or complicated baggage check-ins. Just arrive at the terminal, hand over your bags, board the plane and you’ll be in the air within minutes.


While less time on the ground is always a plus, private jets are typically quicker than larger, commercial passenger jets after leaving the runway — climbing faster and flying higher. Private jets often cruise at an altitude above other air traffic, operating at greater speed without any need to “hold back” to stay in line with a predetermined arrival time. Private jets usually fly direct with no layovers and minimal stops for refueling — if any at all.

Smaller airports

Private jets have greater flexibility to land at smaller, more convenient airports. That allows travelers to arrive closer to their ultimate destination — like a hotel — and cut down on time needed for ground transportation.

Take flight and save time with a private jet charter service with Cirrus Aviation Services. Bookings can be made round the clock, seven days a week. Just call 702-472-9714 today.

Posted on 09/03/2019 by admin

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