Empty Legs: The Secret to Savings

So what is an empty leg?

Empty Legs

“Empty legs” are flights that have no passengers on board… and are more common than you might realize. They usually show up when an aircraft drops off passengers at one destination and then needs to return to its home base or move on to another destination to pick up a different set of passengers for a new flight.

That means private jets are frequently in the air without passengers. You can take advantage of this by booking an empty leg flight with Cirrus Aviation.

As the largest private jet charter company in Las Vegas, we have empty legs all the time, traveling to and from many of the busiest airports in the country, especially in the southwest.

The rates can be an incredible deal – often up to 70% off standard prices and as low as $500.

Flexibility is key when booking an empty leg flight. The opportunities are subject to last-minute changes and the party booking the original flight. Cancellations within 24-hours before a booking are rare but flights could be postponed by hours or days. Cirrus Aviation will work carefully to offer the best options and alternatives in these circumstances.

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So how do I find which empty leg flights are available?

We have regular emails that list up-to-date empty leg flights. Sign up below to be among the first notified about empty legs as they become available.

You will also be able to download our guide: How to Take Advantage of Empty Leg Flights.


A few of our last-minute deals on empty leg flights can also be found by following Cirrus Aviation on Twitter here.