A Private Jet Charter Allows for Stress-Free Holiday Travels

Posted on 09/24/2019 by admin

The holidays are fast approaching, and if you’re planning to visit family or friends in another part of the country – or want to enjoy a luxurious skiing, shopping or sightseeing trip – you’re probably already dreading the flight. Even first class is stress-inducing this time of year, so why not skip the hassle by chartering a private jet in Las Vegas? Flying by private jet charter over the holidays gives you the following advantages, allowing you to arrive at your destination refreshed and ready to have fun.

Smaller Airports Are Served

If you’re flying commercial, you may have to take several connecting flights to reach your destination and in some cases, you may face a long drive in addition to one or more flights. Unlike major airlines, a private plane can fly into a small airport of your choosing that’s closer to your intended destination.

Scheduling is Done According To Your Needs

If you’re flying with a major airline, everything will be done at their convenience. You’ll have to fit your schedule into theirs, instead of the other way around. You may also face cancelled flights or delays. A private jet charter allows you to set the schedule, letting you determine an arrival and departure time that works for you. Cirrus Aviation can even accommodate last-minute requests – often in less than two hours.

You’ll Save Time and Avoid Aggravation

Flying has become much more of a hassle and it’s even worse over the holidays as crowds – and delays – increase. Instead of arriving hours early and being herded through security, private jets allow you to arrive just 15 minutes before departure time and directly board your jet.

Private Jets Let You Travel in Style

Even first-class travel has lost its luster over the years, but private jets will allow you to travel in style and luxury. You’ll have plenty of room, comfortable seats, and you won’t have to worry if the person next to you has the flu or unruly kids.

You’ll Have Increased Flexibility for Baggage

Private jets have weight limits for baggage due to safety considerations, but they’re able to offer a lot more flexibility than major airlines can. If you’re carrying a large number of holiday presents both ways or need to have room for your skis or other equipment, a private jet will be much more accommodating.

It’s More Cost-Effective Than You May Think

By the time your family buys individual tickets, the price can quickly add up. Cirrus Aviation offers competitive pricing, so you may find the cost of a private jet charter is more economical than you might have assumed.

For more information about flying on a Las Vegas private jet, view Cirrus Aviation’s infographic on “Why First Class Commercial Flyers Are Moving to Private Jet Charter.”

Posted on 09/24/2019 by admin

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