Vegas Giant

Cirrus Aviation is proud to partner with VegasGiant, the premier concierge service and VIP hosting company in Las Vegas. If you want to experience the best Las Vegas has to offer, VegasGiant will make it happen for you.

No one has connections in Vegas like VegasGiant does. They have access to all the hottest nightclubs and gentleman clubs, the most popular hotspots, most luxurious spas, and the best restaurants in town. This doesn’t mean they will just get you in the door of these places, it means you will be living big in the VIP section with no waiting in lines, a private table, bottle service, and other VIP and luxury services.
They will design a customized itinerary for your trip. Whether you’re going on a family vacation, planning a bachelor/ette party, or traveling for business and want to impress your clients, you will walk away with the complete Vegas experience you’ve always dreamed of.

VegasGiant is “in the know” about all the latest and greatest things in Las Vegas. New restaurants, clubs, shows, and the inside scoop on which of these things you have to check out.

All it takes is one call and VegasGiant will handle everything, no questions asked. Planning a trip takes a lot of time – especially when you are traveling to Vegas, where there are always new things to do and see. Whether you need a private jet reservation with Cirrus Aviation, show tickets, dinner reservations, spa reservations, and more, they will manage the details. Your only worry is to show up, have fun, and enjoy the VIP lifestyle.

When you need to get to Vegas, booking a private jet through Cirrus Aviation is the way to go. We are the largest private jet service in Las Vegas and have more than 35 years of experience in the industry. With our world-class jets, you can travel in comfort and style while enjoying the complete luxury experience.

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