Private Jets for Sale

Private Jets for Sale

Let Cirrus Aviation Services put our knowledge to work for you as you research private jets for sale. We have been purchasing, operating and managing private jets for over 35 years.

There is no feeling that matches that of reviewing private jets for sale and then ultimately buying the plane you have been dreaming about. If you’re like most, you’ve spent months, maybe even years, dreaming about the perfect private jet and what you would do with it.

You may also be coming to the realization that looking at private jets for sale is complicated. There are a lot of variables to consider and if you are new at this, it’s likely too big a purchase to do alone. However, with the right partner by your side, looking at private jets for sale can be stimulating and rewarding as you narrow down the list and make the purchase.

When looking at private jets for sale, consider that each jet is a complex machine that designers create for specific types of missions. There are necessary trade-offs that are made with each design. Private jets typically stay with an owner for over 5 years, so it is critical to choose wisely among all the available used and new private jets for sale.

At Cirrus Aviation, we help simplify this process and help you consider parameters such as:

  • Differentiation between required functionality that you need 90% of the time versus functionality that is nice-to-have, but not often required
  • Mission specific considerations like average number of passengers, range, required takeoff and landing performance and equipment requirements
  • Budget, including certification and inspection expenses
  • Complete understanding of ongoing operational expenses: hourly operating costs, periodic maintenance, insurance, hanger expenses and pilot training

In addition to helping you search for the right plane among the many private jets for sale, we offer a full spectrum of aircraft management solutions that simplify the complex undertaking of owning and operating a jet aircraft.

If you are researching private jets for sale, we’re ready to be your trusted partner.
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