Private Jet Rates

Private Jet Rates: A Great Value

Cirrus Aviation’s private jet rates are low enough to make travelers think twice about the true costs of flying commercially.

The Cirrus team works hard to keep rates competitive with other jet charter companies. But our clients also find that our private jet rates are a great value compared to business and first-class prices of commercial airlines.

The benefits of flying with Cirrus Aviation – no long security lines, the ability to board at the last minute, roomy, comfortable planes suitable for conducting confidential business meetings in the air – are convincing many travelers that the slightly higher cost of chartering a jet is well worth it.

Next time you plan a trip for business or pleasure, talk to a Cirrus Aviation customer service representative about private jet rates vs. the cost of flying commercially. You may be surprised how economical it can be to charter a jet through Cirrus.

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How Private Jet Rates are Set

Some of the many factors that determine private jet rates:

  • Plane size. Through our own fleet and an extended network of aircraft, Cirrus has access to planes ranging from smaller light jets to large-cabin jets. A choice of plane types gives you great flexibility when making travel plans, including the option of transporting a group of employees together on one flight.
  • Trip distance. Private jet rates become even more appealing considering the cost in time, productivity and stress due to having to make connecting flights. Chartered jets can land in the smaller airports that commercial airliners bypass. No connections mean you arrive at your destination sooner.
  • Amenities. Cirrus Aviation offers the special touches that make flying with us a pleasure. In addition to our complimentary in-flight service of snacks, soda, coffee, beer and liquor, clients can choose special beverages or in-flight catering for an extra charge. Security, concierge and personal services are also available to Cirrus clients at an extra cost.

Shopping for private jet rates that offer real value? Give Cirrus Aviation a chance to win your business with our reasonable prices and outstanding customer service. Call us today at 702-472-9714.