Private jet cost

What Does a Private Jet Cost?

Taking a closer look at private jet costs may show that owning or chartering an aircraft is more affordable than you think.

Purchasing a company jet is a significant initial expense. Chartering may be cheaper, but a single flight typically costs more than a commercial airline ticket, as well.

But numbers don’t tell the whole story behind private jet cost. There are other ways of calculating the value of either owning a jet, or chartering one on a regular basis.

Businesses lose millions of dollars every year due to delays and inconveniences that inevitably occur when flying commercially. Productivity drops as employees and executives deal with layovers, missed connections, and crowded airports.

Flying commercially may also make it more difficult for your company to recruit talented employees. Competitors can offer private jet travel as an attractive benefit.

It’s time to examine what a private jet will cost – and save – your business. Call 702-472-9714 to talk to a Cirrus Aviation customer service representative.

Comparing Private Jet Cost to Commercial Travel

What does a private jet cost? Let Cirrus Aviation help you weigh the financial impact of charters or aircraft acquisition and ownership to your company.

Some factors to consider when calculating private jet costs:

  • Who travels most. Highly paid executives spending time at the ticket counter or in security lines is time-consuming and expensive.
  • Travel day totals. Employees who are flying or waiting in airports are not able to effectively do their jobs. Reducing travel days can significantly enhance your bottom line.
  • Extraneous costs, including rental cars, hotel rooms, meals and other amenities. Private jets are able to fly directly to even remote destinations, sparing these expenses.

Is private jet ownership or chartering the right move for your company? You needn’t make this decision on your own. Cirrus Aviation has a team of experts who can help you examine all sides of the issue in a thorough, objective manner.

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