Private Jet Charter Services Las Vegas

The Cirrus Aviation team is available 24/7 to confirm a price in just 5 minutes and get your flight in the air within an hour if necessary. There really isn’t a more convenient way to fly than with private jet charter services in Las Vegas – with quick, efficient service to and from more than five-thousand airports. You’ll skip TSA security checks as well as long lines at crowded airline terminals. It could be the difference in squeezing a few more hours into a family vacation or finalizing a corporate deal in a situation where time is money.

Our fleet is maintained by an in-house team of mechanics that follow strict guidelines and regulations to ensure each plane is in optimal condition with safety as our top priority.

How to Take Advantage of Emply Leg Flights

If your journey requires an aircraft outside our fleet, Cirrus Aviation has access to thousands of planes from trusted partners. No number of passengers or demand for luxury is too small for our guests.

We offer aggressively competitive pricing that beats other operators as well as brokers who usually operate on commission. We also offer “empty legs” where travelers can take advantage of discount pricing on return flights. Learn more about empty legs here.