Private Jet Charter Las Vegas

Fly More Efficiently With the Las Vegas Private Jet Charter Company

Cirrus Aviation is the Las Vegas private jet charter company that has changed the way that companies travel.

We’re a carrier that focuses on customer relations while providing a complete range of services for businesses that have chosen to forego commercial air travel in favor of more efficient charter flights.

In real terms, booking a Las Vegas private charter jet costs more than a commercial flight. But companies find flying with Cirrus to be more cost-effective.

With our charters, it’s possible to take off in the morning, make several stops throughout the day, and be home by late afternoon or early evening. The efficiency enables employees to accomplish more in less time.

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When you hire Cirrus as your Las Vegas private jet charter company, you can expect:

  • Direct flights to even remote destinations. Because Cirrus Aviation’s jets have the capability of landing on shorter runways, we can land in hundreds of airports unavailable to commercial jetliners. No more connecting flights.
  • Boarding and disembarking at your leisure from a private terminal. Forget about showing up hours ahead of departure to make your way through boarding and security lines, or battling other passengers at baggage claim. You can show up for your flight minutes before it’s scheduled to take off.
  • Super-safe jets flown by experienced pilots. Cirrus’ fleet sets the standard for safety and comfort in the air. Each of our Wyvern-registered pilots is certified beyond federal training standards and has thousands of hours of flight experience.
  • An attentive staff. Our concierge service is designed to make every flight with us worry-free by taking care of details such as on-board meals, trip planning, or transportation once you’ve arrived at your destination.

Learn more about the benefits of private jet charter. Las Vegas’ Cirrus Aviation can answer your questions and provide a quote.

Talk to one of our customer representatives 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling 702-472-9714.