Luxury Private Jets for Sale

Luxury Private Jets for Sale

Let Cirrus Aviation apply our knowledge to your next jet acquisition

Beginning your search of luxury private jets for sale? Congratulations! Your talents have earned you entry into a very elite club. Private jets are incredible representations of engineering excellence, in some areas pushing the limits of what current technology can achieve. They are highly complex and designers must make careful trade-offs for different mission goals. Selecting the right aircraft for your mission requires a knowledgeable industry partner who is willing to listen attentively to your requirements and to spend the time and energy to find your perfect aircraft. Cirrus Aviation Services has been assisting clients for over three decades in finding the right aircraft for their needs. Call us today and let us put our experience to work for you.

Where to start when looking for luxury private jets for sale

There are thousands of new and pre-owned luxury private jets for sale. In trying to narrow your search, important considerations include:

  • Mission goals and variables: we can help you define how you will likely use your luxury jet 90% of the time so that we can target the luxury private jets for sale that meet passenger, range and performance requirements.
  • Certification and inspection costs
  • Ongoing operational expenses: hourly operating costs, insurance and hanger expenses
  • Anticipated maintenance expenses
  • Tax and depreciation considerations
  • Replacement planning and timeline

When researching luxury private jets for sale, Cirrus Aviation is your trusted consultant that can help you make the right decision.

Contact us at (702) 472-9714 or email us to learn more about how we can help as you research luxury private jets for sale.