Las Vegas Jet Charter

Las Vegas Jet Charter

Jet charter service to and from Las Vegas

Cirrus Aviation Services, a private jet charter company, operates a fleet of private jets from the McCarran airport in Las Vegas for domestic and international flights. Our jet charters are generally available as quickly as a one hour call out and rarely require any owner approval. A jet charter service from Cirrus Aviation offers superior comfort, convenience and flexibility when compared to commercial airline flying.

Our Jet Charter Service Features Unparalleled Flexibility and Comfort

You’ll be amazed at the convenience a private jet charter offers. With the ability to use over 5,000 airports (domestic and international), we’ll get you and your passengers as close as possible to your destination. With Cirrus Aviation, you can choose your own schedule and modify when you’d like.

Cirrus Aviation Services is a Part 135 air carrier capable of offering private jet charters to both individuals and corporations as well as a full spectrum of aircraft management and acquisition services. We have our own fleet of light and mid-size jets and access to a network of thousands of aircrafts worldwide. Our light and mid-size jet charters (e.g. Citation, Learjet) seat 6 to 8 passengers and are popular for domestic coast-to-coast jet charters and flights from 1 to 3 hours.

Start your trip planning today by considering a jet charter service. Call us today (702) 472-9714 for a quote.