Jet service in Las Vegas

Private Jet Service in Las Vegas

Cirrus Aviation is a private jet service in Las Vegas that serves travelers of all types, from the corporate CEO to families getting together for special events.

These travelers have something in common – they recognize the value of chartering jets to get to their destinations.

Cirrus Aviation can accommodate virtually any need. An agent who is assigned exclusively to your charter can help with travel planning, security, ground transportation, in-flight meals, even choosing the appropriate aircraft for you and your group.

We’re committed to making certain that flying with us is an outstanding value, no matter where you are going, and no matter why you are traveling.

Call us today at 702-472-9714. We’ll be happy to tell you more about Cirrus Aviation and the advantages of hiring a private jet service in Las Vegas.

The Cost-Effectiveness of Private Jet Service in Las Vegas

Frequent travelers in particular know that commercial flying can be tiresome and frustrating, whether it is for business or leisure. For those who want to avoid security lines, flight delays, and connecting flights, the benefits of chartering an aircraft are obvious.

Utilizing a private jet service in Las Vegas is certainly more expensive than purchasing an airline ticket. Cirrus Aviation clients looking beyond the initial cost find the cost of chartering jets is more than outweighed by:

  • Time savings. You can arrive at the departure point just minutes before take-off. No waiting in lines for pat downs or X-ray machines. No hiking to baggage claim and interminable waits to get your luggage after landing, either.
  • Comfort. Arriving at your destination rested and focused is a plus for any traveler. Cirrus Aviation planes are as spacious as they are luxurious.
  • Convenience. The chaos of a crowded terminal can raise the blood pressure of even seasoned flyers. Cirrus operates out of its own hangar at McCarran and is able to fly into smaller, less-stressful hub airports.
  • Enhanced productivity. Trying to get work done on a commercial flight can be a challenge. A roomy chartered jet enables a team of employees to meet and work together during the flight.

It’s worth a call to Cirrus Aviation to learn more about hiring a private jet service in Las Vegas. Call us 24/7 at 702-472-9714.