Jet Charter Services

Jet Charter Services, Customized for You

Exploring jet charter services makes sense for any large-to-mid-size company.

Commercial air travel can be inconvenient and time-consuming. The hours spent in airport security lines and waiting for the next flight to depart – possibly late – reduces productivity and invariably increases frustration.

Professional jet charter services from a client-focused company that makes your needs a priority, such as Cirrus Aviation of Las Vegas, can quickly pay for itself. Imagine scheduling flights with ease and arriving at international destinations rested and ready to go, instead of drained and dreading the return flight a few days later.

Hire Cirrus and you’ll get a jet charter services company at the top of its game. Call us today at 702-472-9714. After we’ve answered every question you have, you’ll be wondering why your company hasn’t made the break with commercial flying before now.

Why You Should Hire Cirrus Aviation for Jet Charter Services

Cirrus Aviation’s jet charter services are customized to your particular requirements and designed to make flying a pleasure, not a test of nerves.

That means:

  • Set the schedule you want. Why allow the airlines to dictate arrival and departure times? Even with a set schedule, costly delays on commercial flights are increasingly common. Because Cirrus operates out of a private hangar, you can bypass security lines and board just minutes before takeoff.
  • Flexibility. Sometimes planning well in advance isn’t possible. No problem. We can often accommodate flight requests on short notice, sometimes in as little as two hours.
  • Everything is first class. Cirrus flies planes that offer outstanding comfort and luxury. Our available in-flight catered meal service includes gourmet food and alcohol.
  • A varied fleet of planes. Our own fleet includes aircraft such as the Beechjet 400A and the Lear 60, but we have the capability of accessing bigger planes for larger parties and longer flights.
  • Personal attention. Cirrus can handle virtually every flight detail, including arranging for ground transportation, discreet security services, catering, and customs and visa services.

Discover why more forward-looking companies are investing in jet charter services. Talk to a Cirrus Aviation customer service representative today by calling 702-472-9714.