Frequently Asked Questions

Private Jet Charter Services

How is Cirrus Aviation’s private jet charter different?

Because Cirrus Aviation Services is an FAA part 135 air carrier we are able to offer the services of both an aircraft operator and a charter broker, allowing Cirrus Aviation to respond quickly to customer requests for aircraft. In addition, while our staff have a high level of experience and expertise, we are a smaller private jet charter company, and our clients can always expect personal service.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, wire transfers and cash. 

How early should I book my private jet charter flight?

We can often accommodate short-notice requests in under two hours. However aircraft are booked on a first come first serve basis, so book your private jet charter early to ensure availability.

What are your Cancellation and change policies?

Domestic Trips:
50% of the quoted amount for cancellation within (24) hours or less of the scheduled departure time.

100% of the quoted amount for cancellation within (2) hours of the scheduled departure time or if the customer fails to appear for the charter.

International, Holiday and Special Event Trips:
20% of the quoted amount for cancellation between (72) and (24) hours of the scheduled departure time.

Cancellation policy for (24) hours and (2) hours prior to departure are the same as the domestic trip policy.

Mexico and Canada charters are governed by and under the Domestic Cancellation Policy.

One-Way charters
All one way charters are subject to a 100% cancellation fee policy.

How much baggage can I bring?

The amount of space available varies dramatically by aircraft. If you have many items or large items, please advise our trip specialist. We will do everything we can to accommodate your private jet charter!

Can I Bring my pet?

Smaller pets are welcome! We simply ask pet owners to ensure they can control their animal companion while aboard the aircraft.

What is an empty leg flight?

How to Take Advantage of Emply Leg Flights

“Empty legs” are flights that have no passengers on board. For example, when a private jet charter drops off passengers at one destination and then return to its home base or move on to another destination to pick up a different set of passengers for a new flight. Empty leg flights can be found with pricing up to 70% off the standard to prevent the aircraft from traveling empty. We often post updated information, making it even more possible to find available charters with empty legs that provide savings and a personal travel experience that exceeds first class service.


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