More Fun to Finish Out Your Summer in Las Vegas

We’re well into August, but that doesn’t mean summer’s over. You can still stay busy in Las Vegas as the desert heat continues to rage on. Here’s what you can do over the next few weeks. Eat at Libertine Social The latest restaurant from Chef Shawn McLain can be found at Mandalay Bay. The new […]

What Happened to Dressing Up for a Flight?

With the hassles of long security lines and lengthy wait times, many travelers navigate the skies donning unattractive clothing. Sweatpants and pajamas dominate the cabin, making aircraft travel more like a sleepover than a method of transportation. What happened to the days of wearing a suit or dress to get from one end of the […]

When Was the First Airplane Made?

At Cirrus Aviation, we have been in business for over 40 years. Over this time, we have accumulated a fleet of aircraft in varying styles and sizes, all of which we keep expertly maintained and manned by our highly trained pilots and attendants. Over the course of our own history, we have observed many changes […]

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