Citation III – N702SS

A Cessna Citation III is available for private jet Las Vegas charter through Cirrus Aviation. It has a stand-up cabin that allows comfortable accommodations for up to eight passengers. A very generous baggage capacity, a fully enclosed lavatory and USB outlets make the Cessna Citation III an ideal choice for larger groups or passengers wanting a little extra comfort. With a fast cruise speed of over 530 miles per hour, and operating altitudes up to 45,000 feet, the Cessna Citation III can span distances of over 2,300 miles in quiet comfort. Also offers complimentary Wi-Fi.

private jet las vegas Citation III exteriorCitation III private jet las vegas close upprivate jet las vegas Citation III interior

Citation III private jet las vegas seating arrangement

How to Take Advantage of Emply Leg Flights

Maximum Luggage Combinations:

  • 6 – 7 Extra Large
  • 4 Extra Large, 3 – 4 Large
  • 2 Extra Large, 5 Large, 3 Medium
  • 2 Extra Large, 3 Large, 5 Medium, 2 – 3 Cabin

Extra Large = 86cm/33.5in, Large = 75cm/29.5in, Medium = 64cm/25in, Cabin = 55cm/21.5in

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