What Happened to Dressing Up for a Flight?

With the hassles of long security lines and lengthy wait times, many travelers navigate the skies donning unattractive clothing. Sweatpants and pajamas dominate the cabin, making aircraft travel more like a sleepover than a method of transportation. What happened to the days of wearing a suit or dress to get from one end of the country to the other?

Before air travel became common practice, going on an airplane was rare and used to be treated like an event. Men would wear a suit and tie, while women would not be seen without a dress on an aircraft.

But in an era where traveling by aircraft is a routine activity, people feel as though they can dress to un-impress. The days of looking good at 30,000 feet are over.

Traveling in style begins with traveling with style, so remember to dress for the occasion.

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Main photo by: UNLV Libraries Digital Collection