Aviation Management

Aviation Management by Experienced Professionals

Simplify your jet ownership – hire Cirrus Aviation for professional aviation management.

Having a private jet at your disposal can be a boon to a forward-looking company looking for an edge over competitors. The advantages of avoiding long TSA lines, flexible scheduling, comfortable, spacious onboard accommodations and flying directly to a destination with no time-consuming layovers are undeniable.

But managing an aircraft is a complicated aspect of ownership and requires a depth of knowledge your company may not possess.

Cirrus Aviation’s staff has years of aviation management experience. Our clients include large and small enterprises, and we expertly handle the management of all types of planes.

There’s no need to dedicate valuable employee hours to studying ponderous governmental regulations, insurance requirements and tax laws that pertain to aircraft ownership. Let the Cirrus team oversee your fleet while your company focuses on what it does best.

Call a Cirrus Aviation customer service representative today at 702-472-9714 to discuss the many benefits of outsourcing aviation management.

How Aviation Management Boosts Your Business

Here’s what a seasoned aviation management contractor offers your company:

  • Regulatory knowledge. The staff at Cirrus Aviation makes certain your aircraft meets all applicable FAA requirements and keeps abreast of regulation updates.
  • Cost savings. We oversee your fleet with greater efficiency and less expensively than you can with in-house staff. The savings in real dollars and employee hours can be significant.
  • Regular maintenance. Keeping track of aircraft maintenance and repairs is a huge job. Cirrus will make certain your jet operates with absolute safety and is always ready to fly, any time of the day or night
  • Flight preparation. Well-trained pilots and crew, as well as flight plans and amenities such as catered food, are always at your disposal.
  • Accounting services. If your company can gain tax advantages by owning an airplane, we’ll find them.

Cirrus can also facilitate chartering your aircraft to other businesses or individuals as an added source of revenue.

Employ the expertise of Cirrus Aviation for cost-effective aviation management. Call us today at 702-472-9714 to learn more.