About Us

Cirrus Aviation is a family-owned business with more than 35 years of experience in the airline industry. We are the largest private jet charter company in Las Vegas – with more flights and a fleet larger than all of our direct competitors combined.

Cirrus Aviation has a number of services to meet and exceed all expectations.

Company Culture

Cirrus Aviation is a growing and expanding company that wants to hire the best pilots in the world. Our company culture is unique, exceptional and a step above what you’ll find at other private jet charter companies.

Family Friendly

Pilots are on call here at home in Las Vegas. Not in some other city or foreign country while staying at a hotel. We want you to be able to kiss your kids goodbye when you leave in the morning, and when you return home at night.

Low Cost Living

For a city of its size, Las Vegas has some of the best cost-of-living standards in the country. Homes are affordable and now that we’re out of the economic downturn, new ones with state-of-the-art designs and efficiencies are being built in developing areas for affordable prices. Gas prices are much lower than our California neighbors and there’s no Nevada sales tax. That leaves you with more spending money to enjoy for a family vacation or a little fun on the Strip.


Cirrus Aviation prefers to promote from within. That means we’re looking to reward pilots and other employees who are seeking a long-term future with the company. We want to cultivate the best team in the country while promoting First Officers to Captains. We book lots of flights and have the hours in the sky to offer. We want help our pilots reach the next level in their careers while building a future for them here at Cirrus.


Cirrus Aviation has a comprehensive benefits package for employees and their families that’s competitive and among the best in the industry.

Las Vegas

There’s a reason why Las Vegas is one of the biggest tourist destinations in the world, and it’s not all about the "Sin City" reputation. Las Vegas offers world-class restaurants from famous celebrity chefs, exciting stage shows that currently include eight Cirque du Soleil productions, jam-packed nightclubs and of course, our famous casinos. Step away from the Strip and there’s the beauty of Lake Mead, Red Rock Canyon and Valley of Fire State Park. Las Vegas is also just a short drive to the Grand Canyon in Arizona and exciting destinations in Southern California. And don’t forget… Las Vegas is incredibly driver friendly with convenient roads and highways and far less traffic than you’ll find in other metropolitan areas of similar size. If you want to check out the bright neon lights of the Strip and classic downtown Vegas, Cirrus Aviation has connections with concierge companies and other lifestyle professionals that allows us to throw a few perks your way as well.