A Private Jet Charter Is a Safer Alternative to Commercial Flights

Posted on 03/18/2020 by admin

Dear Traveler,

For slightly more than 100 years the world has not had to address a global pandemic. In that time, we have advanced tremendously, especially in terms of expedient travel options. While we still know little about this coronavirus or covid-19, we do know that it is highly infectious, indiscriminate, and has now traveled the globe in only a few months. We are continually stuck at crossroads of equally trying to understand this situation more while trying to keep ourselves, family and friends safe. 

Commercial jet travel has a been a tremendous blessing over the past many decades. It also has helped in moving covid-19 across the world at a speed health agencies and governments could not adapt to. Our fleet of nearly 20 aircraft stand ready to provide you with the safe private jet charter options you need in this uncertain world. Several weeks ago, we began to enhance our aircraft cleaning program by ensuring all flights are thoroughly sanitized prior to departure. In addition, private jet charter flights remain the quintessential way to fly without fear of busy terminals and strangers sitting next to you. 

A Private Jet Charter Reduces the Risk of Spreading Germs & Viruses

It seems self-evident that because you can choose whom is on your flight there have been no coronavirus (covid-19) infected private jet flights in the media. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said by several commercial carries. It is important to differentiate a commercial scheduled carrier as one whom moves their aircraft on specific route and timeframe regardless of bookings, this applies to aircraft large and small. Cirrus Aviation Services Las Vegas is what is considered an independent operator, a charter airline, and airline that charters only when a client books with no pre-scheduled flights. This is an important distinction because it gives us the ability to schedule ample time between flights to fully sanitize the aircraft. It also means that whomever is on the aircraft is whomever you’d like to bring – nobody else.

While we know that we will get past this episode in history, we also concede that we must confront the reality that it is ever changing. We are continuing to adapt our procedures to ensure the health of our passengers and employees. We understand that you may have never considered a private jet charter prior to the coronavirus pandemic and have contacted us for health and safety needs, we are here to answer any questions you may have and be of upmost assistance during this trying time for us all.

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Hope to see you aboard,

Cirrus Aviation Las Vegas

Posted on 03/18/2020 by admin

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