Challenger 604 – N484CR

The Challenger 604 is the largest jet in our fleet with comfortable seating for 12 passengers, a 4,000 nautical mile trans-continental range and a 9 hour flight time. In-flight amenities include Wi-Fi, USB outlets, 110V AC outlets, a conference table, a roomy lavatory, 2-LCD monitors, a full galley and a Cabin Host. Also, for those traveling long distances or overnight, the seats and conference table can be transformed to make up to 4 beds. This heavy jet is the optimal choice for luxury private charter for those traveling to Hawaii, Alaska or cities along the East Coast.

Maximum Luggage Combinations:

  • 6 Snowboard/Ski and Boot Bags + Normal Baggage

Extra Large = 86cm/33.5in, Large = 75cm/29.5in, Medium = 64cm/25in, Cabin = 55cm/21.5in

Challenger N484CR